Vampire Slayer

I wanted to experiment with a different inking style on this piece. So some parts of it work better than others…. Happy

Captures & Calamities INK

This B&W illustration of the “Captures & Calamities” book cover was commissioned by Chris for a t-shirt.
I loooove working in black and white, and so was thrilled to do this.

Working in B&W got me salivating to do a comic……
I’m going to have to head to comic con with a sandwich board or something. Happy

Captures and Calamities


Captures and Calamities is a book cover commissioned by Christopher Kastensmidt for his “Elephant and Macaw banner” series.
This is the fourth book cover that I have done for him- and every time it gets more fun.
Check out his stuff here:



A piece from the “Silent Hill” pitch I did.
In the world of “The Warren” children had to use their wits to determine traps from safety.

When I was a kid I would play near train tunnels like this one.
They always scared the hell out of me and so I thought that it would take some serious nerves to enter one- even if it proclaims itself as sanctuary.
The snow just made it creepier.


New Rik

Main character design for a game that I recently worked on.
I think I got a little obsessed with his damaged arm.
The idea behind the "guts" in his hand, is that he would rip parts off of an enemy and use it against them....
This was done entirely in SBP. I used reference from various cuts of meat, a “hulk” statue, & a hockey mask.


A couple of years back I was working on a horror game where we were attempting to come up with new and horrific boss encounters.
I was a big fan of the original “Wickerman” movie and had recently come across some fantastic photos of real wickermen.
I played around with the idea that these are massive effigies built from dead trees brought to life by dark magic.

This was a quick conceptual/mood piece done in SBP.


Early on while designing a horror game I recently worked on, we played around with what the hero could look like.
This guy was one of my first takes on him.
I found some awesome body builder reference online. The wrench just seemed to make sense- he is supposed to be homicidal…. and big pipe wrench would mess you up.

Once again I used SBP, alternating from fat brushes and the airbrush tool and even a pencil.


An environment idea for the horror game I worked on a few years back….
The premise is a slaughterhouse surrounded by a shanty town. The combination and proximity to one another seemed really creepy.

I used SBP.