Giant hunter

I had an idea for a a painting where some guys were setting a trap for a giant.
After screwing around with it for a few days it just wasn’t working. So then I evolved my idea- what if it were the results of a failed attempt on a giant.
A guy being chased, running for his life, with only one arrow left.

I used SBP.

Shooting the Hoop

I did this painting after being inspired (again) by John Berkey’s art.
This guy was one of the greatest science fiction artists of all time (IMHO).
My idea came after a conversation regarding “Ring-world” books & “Halo” the video-game.
We were guessing that the space at the center of a “hoop” (Halo or Ring) might be illegal airspace for high velocity space craft.

My piece has someone “shooting the hoop” an event that everyone on the artificial world could witness.
My bear creature is there for scale, I now wish I had made him look a little more alien; but I was attempting to juxtapose it with the science fiction nature of its habitat.

I painted this in SBP.


A piece from the “Silent Hill” pitch I did.
In the world of “The Warren” children had to use their wits to determine traps from safety.

When I was a kid I would play near train tunnels like this one.
They always scared the hell out of me and so I thought that it would take some serious nerves to enter one- even if it proclaims itself as sanctuary.
The snow just made it creepier.


Blimp chase

This is one of my favorite paintings.
One of those rare serendipitous moments where idea, composition, reference, and palette seemed to come together for me.
I originally painted the car in pretty tight- which is a bad habit of mine to overwork a subject then rework it.
I switched out to a fatter brush and went back in and loosened it up, and much preferred the result.

This was done for “Fallow” a comic/game I was working on a few years back.

I used sketchbook pro (which I use pretty much all of the time).