I wanted to do some posters. So I figured I start off with one for my town.
I live in a southern California surf town called Leucadia. Surfing is part of life here- hence the subject matter.

As I get chance I plan on doing more posters.

I used SBP for the illustrating and PS for the fabrication.

The Point!

The Point!
I’ve been playing around with this duo for years.

I always considered it to be a traditional comic size & 20+ pages long. After working on the “Golfer” series I started attempting to tell the fiction in traditional comic strip four frame bursts.
So far I’m enjoying developing it this way- maybe it will morph into something larger or die on the vine.
Either way I’m sure I’ll still be drawing these guys one way or another in twenty years (hopefully getting paid for it).

The character development and situations were drawn with blue pencil on paper. I then inked them in SBP and fabricated the strip in PS.