What the hell is an Uglyhero?

Uglyheroes- are the unsung heroes, the anti heroes.... They don’t dress in shiny armor or bright costumes. They have blood under their fingernails and nasty scars.They are misunderstood- essentially good; but might look and act bad. I love to paint and draw these guys. They represent everything that pulled me into illustration. Artists like Frazetta, Wyeth, Bisley and Miller are just some of the guys who dragged me here and left me to fend for myself.Their art fueled my imagination, while twisting my perception of what’s good and bad, right or wrong. I like to paint Uglyheroes, but have been known to paint Golden heroes for beer.

Doing a shot

My name is Jonathan Beard though most people call me Jay. I am a traditionally trained artist from England who ended up in California painting monsters. If you like what you see, please visit my blog and leave me a comment or two. Or if you are shy just go ahead and email me.I love to hear what people think about my work- even the haters. I am most likely available for commissions, freelance work, art direction, illustration, concept art, and comics; so please let me know if you need any, or know anyone who does. Over the years I have been lucky enough to illustrate something for the following- Painting by Numbers, Ocean, SCEA, Gamecloud, Warner Bros, Genius, Emptyclip, Angels & Airwaves, Superbot, Taylor Made, The Softwire, Asset Appraisal, The Voice Project, Big Red Giant, Konami, The Elephant & Macaw banner, Time Flux, Namco/Bandai, Grey area labs, EAP, Brash, Warner Bros, Universal & Activision. If you want to get in touch with me please email me at- uglyheroes@me.com you can also follow me on Instagram at- @uglyheroesart . If you want to learn how I do stuff check out my Patreon page at- www.patreon.com/Uglyheroes Thanks for visiting. -J