Big Guns

This started out as just your basic hot chick sporting hardware.Over the course of the painting it evolved into an idea.

I always liked “The Punisher”, although I have to admit I am not well read on the series. The girl is my take on “The Punisher”.
The daughter of an assassinated President- out for revenge (hence the upside down flag).
She has to take on the govt to take down her families killer (the new President)- with a little help from some sympathetic secret service agents (where she get’s the guns). Winking

I used sketchbook-pro primarily with some photoshop help. I did the black ink line drawing first then layered the colours beneath. The tattoos and other details were a layer between the skin and the ink.

The Fellowship

The fellowship
Finally a LOTR painting!

I spent to much time on this one, noodling away the hours. I am a huge fan of the books and movies, and wanted to do my take on “The Fellowship”.
Purists may argue that I have made Frodo too sickly looking for this relatively early stage in the story.
My interpretation is that the ring is constantly wearing on him and draining him- especially when Gollum it’s former owner is around.

I started out using Painter; but reverted back to SB (despite it’s crashes). I also used Photoshop for the odd “dodge & burn”.
Wish I hadn’t made it so damned tall. It looks great when printed out; but is tough to see on a computer screens aspect ratio.

Hope you like it.