This guy is for a personal project that I will hopefully get around to finishing….. one day. I designed and did the pencil illustration in my sketchbook, then scanned it and inked and coloured the image in Sketchbook Pro.


I really wanted to paint the Hulk battling an alien. Hope you like it. Happy When I get chance I'm gonna do more of these.
I figured the battle would be epic and fun to illustrate.

Kaboom! sticks

Had fun creating a few pages in something that is not my usual style.
I pretty much developed these guys on the fly with a little help and advice from my kids- and a whole world of characters and adventures started to grow.
Maybe given time I'll get to show more of this strange land. Time to go buy some lottery tickets. Happy



Check out my process for this painting in the “PROCESS” section.
Hulk say- Jay need comic work!! RARRRRRRGGHHHH!!!!

Batman vs Joker

Batman Vs Joker
The relationship between Batman & Joker has always interested me.
I always wanted to do a piece where Batman was losing his cool and beating the snot out of Joker.
As the idea evolved I gave the Joker a blade to make it more of a “fair” fight- kind of ripping off the final confrontation in “Dark Knight Returns” Happy
I played around with the composition with the intent of leading the eye from Joker getting hit by a very angry Batman to the Jokers blade, and subtle punctures in Batman torso.
I above all wanted them both to seem their own kind of crazy.

I used SBP and PS. Had some problems with image artifacts and weird hard edges appearing.
I think its a problem with too much back and forth between software. Meant I had to repaint some areas which sucked.
Regardless, I had a lot of fun doing this piece.
It’s no secret that I would love to do some comic work- here’s hoping that this gets me a cover somewhere someday.
- dream on right. Happy

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd

When I was nine years old I picked up the second issue of a British comic called 2000ad.
It was and continues to be a creative influence on me.
Judge Dredd is the “mascot” character and has been beautifully rendered by many amazing artists.
From a young age I was inspired by the bold inking styles of Mike McMahon and Carlos Ezquerra.
These days I continue to be in awe of there work as well as other “heavy inkers” such as Mike Mignola & Frank Miller.

I wanted to do some B&W test pages and take a stab at “Dredd”. I sketched and inked them in SBP.
I hope you like them, and hope to get the chance to do more comic stuff in the future.

The Point!

The Point!
I’ve been playing around with this duo for years.

I always considered it to be a traditional comic size & 20+ pages long. After working on the “Golfer” series I started attempting to tell the fiction in traditional comic strip four frame bursts.
So far I’m enjoying developing it this way- maybe it will morph into something larger or die on the vine.
Either way I’m sure I’ll still be drawing these guys one way or another in twenty years (hopefully getting paid for it).

The character development and situations were drawn with blue pencil on paper. I then inked them in SBP and fabricated the strip in PS.

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing.
I have always been a fan and was recently re-reading “Infernal Triangles”.
I remembered how much I loved the colour’s and the design of the melancholy monster.
I had an idea of him pondering his life, loves, and situation. A private moment where he is just plain bummed out.
Maybe it’s because I had the flu while working on this and was pretty miserable myself. Happy

Drawing & inking it drove me nuts. Colouring the damned veins was a Theraflu induced nightmare.
I’d love to do more “Swamp Thing” though- I just love the texture of him & his world.

Thankyou to Autodesk for finally releasing SBP 2011. It is awesome and crashes considerably less than the last release.

Big Guns

This started out as just your basic hot chick sporting hardware.Over the course of the painting it evolved into an idea.

I always liked “The Punisher”, although I have to admit I am not well read on the series. The girl is my take on “The Punisher”.
The daughter of an assassinated President- out for revenge (hence the upside down flag).
She has to take on the govt to take down her families killer (the new President)- with a little help from some sympathetic secret service agents (where she get’s the guns). Winking

I used sketchbook-pro primarily with some photoshop help. I did the black ink line drawing first then layered the colours beneath. The tattoos and other details were a layer between the skin and the ink.


I had too much fun putting the first seven pages together.
I have been working on the story for a while, I finished the script and thumb-nailed out the pages so I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted things to look.
Even so, once I started to illustrate things began to evolve. I moved stuff around and changed some wording added sounds.
The biggest leap was the colouring. I initially planned on the whole thing being black and white; but after continuing to be inspired by my favorite comics I just had to add colour.
I enjoy colouring that’s as bold as black & white. Colour’s that compliment the graphical style of comics- hence the liberal use of orange. Winking

I hope I get the opportunity to work on Bad batch some more one day.