This guy is for a personal project that I will hopefully get around to finishing….. one day. I designed and did the pencil illustration in my sketchbook, then scanned it and inked and coloured the image in Sketchbook Pro.

Vampire Slayer

I wanted to experiment with a different inking style on this piece. So some parts of it work better than others…. Happy

Captures & Calamities INK

This B&W illustration of the “Captures & Calamities” book cover was commissioned by Chris for a t-shirt.
I loooove working in black and white, and so was thrilled to do this.

Working in B&W got me salivating to do a comic……
I’m going to have to head to comic con with a sandwich board or something. Happy

Angels and Airwaves ink sketch


This was the under sketch for the painting of the same name.
I used a custom fat to thick ink pen in studiopaint. The image is massive.

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd

When I was nine years old I picked up the second issue of a British comic called 2000ad.
It was and continues to be a creative influence on me.
Judge Dredd is the “mascot” character and has been beautifully rendered by many amazing artists.
From a young age I was inspired by the bold inking styles of Mike McMahon and Carlos Ezquerra.
These days I continue to be in awe of there work as well as other “heavy inkers” such as Mike Mignola & Frank Miller.

I wanted to do some B&W test pages and take a stab at “Dredd”. I sketched and inked them in SBP.
I hope you like them, and hope to get the chance to do more comic stuff in the future.

The Point!

The Point!
I’ve been playing around with this duo for years.

I always considered it to be a traditional comic size & 20+ pages long. After working on the “Golfer” series I started attempting to tell the fiction in traditional comic strip four frame bursts.
So far I’m enjoying developing it this way- maybe it will morph into something larger or die on the vine.
Either way I’m sure I’ll still be drawing these guys one way or another in twenty years (hopefully getting paid for it).

The character development and situations were drawn with blue pencil on paper. I then inked them in SBP and fabricated the strip in PS.

Character development for "Shadow cities"

These quick designs were done for the guys over at Grey area while developing the painting for them.
They wanted a strong, hip, female character oozing confidence; about to throw down some magic.

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing.
I have always been a fan and was recently re-reading “Infernal Triangles”.
I remembered how much I loved the colour’s and the design of the melancholy monster.
I had an idea of him pondering his life, loves, and situation. A private moment where he is just plain bummed out.
Maybe it’s because I had the flu while working on this and was pretty miserable myself. Happy

Drawing & inking it drove me nuts. Colouring the damned veins was a Theraflu induced nightmare.
I’d love to do more “Swamp Thing” though- I just love the texture of him & his world.

Thankyou to Autodesk for finally releasing SBP 2011. It is awesome and crashes considerably less than the last release.

Oludara and the Dragon

Oludara & the Dragon
This is a piece I was commissioned to do by an old video-game associate of mine for a series of short stories he has created.
Oludara is an African dragon hunter who kills this particular beast through the cunning use of an elephant. It’s a great story that I suggest you check out at his site-

I used Sketch book pro to create the illo & had a great deal of fun doing it.


A piece from the “Silent Hill” pitch I did.
In the world of “The Warren” children had to use their wits to determine traps from safety.

When I was a kid I would play near train tunnels like this one.
They always scared the hell out of me and so I thought that it would take some serious nerves to enter one- even if it proclaims itself as sanctuary.
The snow just made it creepier.



An environment idea for the horror game I worked on a few years back….
The premise is a slaughterhouse surrounded by a shanty town. The combination and proximity to one another seemed really creepy.

I used SBP.

Big Monkey

Big Monkey
This guy was a quick ink sketch that I did for a concept a few years back called “Fallow”.
He is a gorilla who has been augmented and can speak.

I love black and white and I had a lot of fun doing this piece. I used SBP with a thin to fat brush alternating black and white ink.
Hopefully I will get to do more stuff like this.