Batman vs Joker

Batman Vs Joker
The relationship between Batman & Joker has always interested me.
I always wanted to do a piece where Batman was losing his cool and beating the snot out of Joker.
As the idea evolved I gave the Joker a blade to make it more of a “fair” fight- kind of ripping off the final confrontation in “Dark Knight Returns” Happy
I played around with the composition with the intent of leading the eye from Joker getting hit by a very angry Batman to the Jokers blade, and subtle punctures in Batman torso.
I above all wanted them both to seem their own kind of crazy.

I used SBP and PS. Had some problems with image artifacts and weird hard edges appearing.
I think its a problem with too much back and forth between software. Meant I had to repaint some areas which sucked.
Regardless, I had a lot of fun doing this piece.
It’s no secret that I would love to do some comic work- here’s hoping that this gets me a cover somewhere someday.
- dream on right. Happy