I followed the art style of an older piece of mine called “Big Guns” where I sketch the design, do a tight linear ink line, and then fill the lines with painted detail. As usual I used SBP and PS.

The art director supplied me with a photo of his face, wanting to be immortalized as a bad ass time traveling bounty hunter type dude. Who could blame him. Happy

I had a ton of fun doing this piece...Sometimes when I do a painting the character forms and develops itself. This one took off by itself and carried me along for the ride.
I always have fiction running through my head as I paint- "why does he have this scar?", "What does he do?". These questions ultimately shape the character.

A time traveller (if I were one, and maybe I am); would adorn himself with his favorite stuff from throughout time. There may be a gun that he favors, or a blade. He might like modern tattoos and clothing, or not. I think he would be a yard sale of style, weaponry & tools.

This guy is a hunter of sorts- part Ranger, part bounty hunter, part buccaneer. He prefers an augmented blunderbuss that can take down a TRex. His flintlock can cut a man in half, and his single action colt is a special edition .50 caliber that can put an end to almost anything. A wrestling trophy for a belt..... sort of? Er, stomach protection from knife fights maybe? Or just cos it looks cool? 
Skeleton keys- every time traveller is going to need universal keys that open or start anything, right? 
Multiple watches, betrays a lack of faith in technology. 
My favorite is the arm knife- cos when it comes to shivs, you need to be able to get to your knife fast.


First men on the moon?

First men on the moon
I love all of that ancient aliens/nazi conspiracy/UFO stuff.
So what did a Nazi space suit look like?
I figured it would be a kind of diving bell pressure suit with robotic appendages- right?
This piece came together for me when I started playing around with what the Nazi’s were collecting on the moons surface.
It started out with basic rock samples and evolved into a human skull- posing the question “who really were the first men on the moon?” NASA? NAZI’S? An ancient civilization? Happy

Hahaha- I had fun doing this.
I used SBP and PS to mess around with the colours. I tried to restrict my time on it to force a looser style.